“Europe Prepares for Collective Suicide”

Experts gathered on the second day of the Budapest Demographic Forum

MH/MTI – 2015.11.06. 15:31 –

Hungary is on the right track for increasing demographic numbers, meanwhile Europe gives up itself with a constant low rate of childbirth. Second day of the Budapest Demographic Forum gathers regional experts.

schmidt mária lead“Europe prepares for a collective suicide”, said Maria Schmidt, director of the House of Terror, on Population and migration panel. “The constantly low rate of childbirth weighs-in with an uncontrolled migration influx living a totally different culture.” She also added that Europe at its current state, either mentally or physically, is not capable of stopping migration flows.

Reps of the governing parties agreed that Hungary is on the right track for starting to increase the rate of childbirth. Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balogh stated that families are the base for a happy and satisfied life. That's why the Hungarian government aims to make decisions favours families.

According to the smaller governing party, there is still a lot to do. They stated that marriage can still be the key to avoiding a demographic catastrophe.