„No security without the technical border system”

The Hungarian fence is particularly annoying to Soros-supporters, says Bakondi

MH – 2017.09.20. 18:00 –

The Hungarian prime minister's chief advisor stressed the importance of the technical border system at a press conference on Wednesday.

“Without the technical border security system and protection through legal means and manpower, there can be no successful border security and no satisfactory internal security situation, and the country’s sovereignty will suffer”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said at a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday, Kormany.hu reported.

György Bakondi pointed out that the demolishing of Hungary’s border security fence is included in the “Soros Plan” because with suitable legal and manpower support is serves as an effective tool that is capable of preventing the mass, illegal flow of people into Europe in contravention of the law.

The Hungarian fence is particularly annoying to the implementers of the “Soros Plan” because it is also backed by a strong national will and solidarity, and this goes against the ideology that regards immigration as a good thing, and in fact as the only solution, he added.