National consultation could start in October

Hungary does not want to become an immigrant country, says Tuzson

MH – 2017.09.19. 18:46 –

We must govern together with the people, State Secretary Bence Tuzson stressed, when announcing that the national consultation about George Soros's migration plan could start next month.

“The national consultation on the Soros Plan could be launched in around October”, State Secretary for Government Communication Bence Tuzson told the public radio on Tuesday. “Hungary does not want to become an immigrant country”, and perhaps the greatest challenge currently facing Europe is that states that are prepared to become countries “of mixed population” should not be able to force countries that reject this to accept their decisions, Tuzson explained.
“We must govern together with the people in this regard too, and this is what the national consultation will be about”, he declared. “The fundamental goal is for Hungary to remain Hungarian, and if possible, for Europe to also remain European”, Tuzson said.