More Attacks Expected in Europe

Expert: The causes of terror threat are not eliminated yet

MH – 2017.08.31. 20:49 –

Europe has to be prepared for more terrorist attacks because the fundamental problems causing the threat are still nor solved, expert says.


The fundamental problems behind the threat of terrorism haven't been solved in two and a half years, security policy expert József Horváth told the M1 public television. According to the expert the fundamental problems are the security situation of the Middle East and North Africa, the constant illegal immigration, the monitoring of immigrants who are already in Europe and the deportation of those who have no legal ground to stay.

Reacting to remarks by former MI5 director Jonathan Evans, Mr. Horváth stressed: we have to be prepared for further terrorist attacks. He added that society is still not aware of the fact that cyberattacks can be far more dangerous than weapons. According to Mr. Horváth there are results in the fight against ISIS but as long as the manouvres are not coordinated, the organisation simply moves to other regions. So if the alliance can push them out of Syria and Iraq, they can continue in Libya or Afghanistan.