„Merkel still wants controlled migration”

Nowadays it's even more difficult to integrate migrants, says Zoltán Kiszelly

MH – 2017.08.08. 13:29 –

Political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly was speaking about the german federal elections and about migration.

German chancellor Angela Merkel still wants controlled, scheduled migration instead of uncontrolled mass migration, but she knows right now she would not be popular with the idea – said political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly on the M1 public service channel on Tuesday. In the interview the political scientist was asked about the german federal elections which will be held on 24th of September. According to the latest polls Merkel's Christian Democratic Union's popularity is 40 percent.

Zoltán Kiszelly said that Germany still needs labour force, especially in service and social sectors, but the masses of migrants are no longer coming from a qualified middle-class. Some of them are illiterate even in their own language, and according to the expert, these people are difficult to integrate.