The Government Insists on Transparency

State Secretary Völner says Soros NGO's refuse to cooperate

MH – 2017.07.13. 17:32 –

The Hungarian government reacted to the latest infringement procedure.

The European Commission launched an infringement procedure against Hungary over the law on the transparency of foreign-funded NGOs. "The Government is ready to face infringement and will represent Hungary’s interests with every means possible. Furthermore, we insist on greater transparency with regard to activist groups that are funded from abroad. These are organisations that want to weaken Hungary’s defence capabilities in the fight against illegal immigration", Deputy Minister of Justice Pál Völner reacted in a statement.

"We regard it as extremely revealing that it is precisely those political activist groups that are refusing to conform to the new law and to register that receive a significant part of their funding from George Soros’s network. Only a few days ago, the billionaire made it clear via his spokesperson that he would like to settle hundreds of thousands of immigrants in Europe, including in Hungary", he added.