Show Trial in Brussels

The Commission punishes Budapest for its migration policy

MH – 2017.07.13. 17:23 –

Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner pointed out the double standards of the European Commission when it comes to migration policy.

"The European Commission is holding a show trial about the quota", Hungarian Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner said, pointing out that that it has not launched infringement proceedings against every state that is not conforming to the related resolution.

“The standpoint of the Commission is in line with the will of George Soros, who wants Brussels to adopt his own migration plan”, he highlighted. “The reason that the Commission has launched infringement procedures against Hungary is most probably that we represent the most pronounced standpoint on the issue and has even gone to court to have it validated”, he explained.

The Deputy Justice Minister emphasised that several member states have failed to fulfil their undertakings with relation to the resettlement of immigrants: many have not accepted any immigrants at all, or have accepted much fewer than they undertook to receive, and as a result only 11.8 percent of the number originally determined have in fact been resettled.