"Zero Tolerance to Anti-Semitism"

The Hungarians rejected Soros's migration policy, Hollik says

MH – 2017.07.13. 10:06 –

MP István Hollik rejected George Soros's accusation's of Anti-Semitism.

The Hungarian government shows zero tolerance to Anti-Semitism, Christian democrat MP István Hollik reacted to George Soros's comments about the government poster campaign criticising him. The problem is not Soros's Jewish origin, but that he supports illegal immigration which Hungarians clearly rejected on a referendum, Mr. Hollik explained.

He added that if we follow Soros's logic, Israel must be anti-semitic too, as Benjamin Netanyahu also criticised him for supporting Palestinian NGO's which question Israel's right for existence. Mr. Hollik also noted that in his statement George Soros admitted that he wants to settle hundreds of thousands of migrants to Europe.