COE Delegation Inspects the Transit Zones

A report will be published later

MH – 2017.07.06. 10:46 –

The Lanzarote Committee has been invited by the government to inspect the southern transit zones.

A Council of Europe delegation arrived in Hungary to inspect the living conditions of migrants younger than 18 in the transit zones near the southern border, MTI reported. The head of the COE's Lanzarote Committee, Claude Janizzi told the press that they had been invited by the Hungarian government to verify child protection measures put in place in the transit zones.
Janizzi said they've been told that 14-18 year-olds are assured legal assistance, are continously helped by social workers and are given three meals a day, access to medical care, clothes, education and freedom to practice their religion. The committee will compile a report on its findings which it will later publish, Janizzi said.