"The Greatest Threat of Terrorism of All Time"

Previous integration models have failed, Szijjártó says

MH – 2017.06.19. 22:29 –

Illegal migration must be completely stopped in order to combat terrorism, the Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed in Luxembourg.

“Europe is facing the greatest threat of terrorism of all time, and accordingly clear speech and determined action are required in the interests of protecting the people of Europe”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in the recess of a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday, Kormány.hu reported. “Recent events have shown that previous integration models have failed and there are huge tensions in European societies”, he said.

“Illegal migration must be completely stopped in the interests of overcoming the threat of terrorism. We must ensure people who represent a danger to European societies can only enter Europe legally, and that only those who have a right to do so according to existing regulations can remain in EU territory”, he added.