Mass Migration Can be Stopped

Oath-taking ceremony of border hunters in Budapest

MH – 2017.06.17. 22:46 –

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasised the importance of border protection and national sovereignty at a ceremony in Budapest.

"Hungary was the first country to prove that the mass population movement of recent years – which had previously been seen as unstoppable – could indeed be stopped, and could be reversed", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the oath-taking ceremony of 1,206 border guards – or “border hunters” – in Heroes’ Square in Budapest on Saturday. “We were also the first to declare that we would not let anyone force on us masses of people whose identities and intentions are completely unknown to us”, he said.

The prime minister added that “We believe that the future of Europe is not written in some imperial headquarters”, but in the capitals of the European nations: in Warsaw, in Paris, in Berlin – and also in Budapest. According to Mr. Orbán, Hungarians must therefore insist that the Hungarian people alone have the right to decide on the fate of their country.