Border Protection Guarantees Safety

The decision about the fence was made two years ago

MH – 2017.06.17. 22:43 –

State Secretary Károly Kontrát stressed the importance of the border fence in the fight against terrorism and illegal migration.

“Having seen the past two years and the threat of terrorism affecting Europe, it is certain that the Hungarian Government made a good and responsible decision when it decided to construct the fence”, the Ministry of Interior’s Parliamentary State Secretary, Károly Kontrát told  MTI. Mr. Kontrát issued a statement, because the government decided to construct a fence along the southern border because of illegal immigration and to conform to Hungary’s Schengen obligations exactly two years ago.

“Without the border barrier we could not guarantee the safety of Hungary and the Hungarian people”, he added, stressing that the fence is an excellent deterrent and is not only preventing illegal immigration, but is also protecting Hungary and Europe from the terrorism that arrives with it.