„Hungarian Hungary, European Europe”

No one can force us to give up our position, says Orbán

MH/MTI – 2017.06.16. 20:41 –

Speaking on the public radio Viktor Orbán denounced the intention of the European Commission to force its failed migration policy on Hungary.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that no one can force Hungary to give up its position on immigration, as the Hungarian people have made it clear that they do not want to see illegal immigrants in their country. Mr. Orbán on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” programme on Friday. Regarding the infringement procedure launched against Hungary with regard to EU migrant quotas he said that “a government can be pinned down, a government can be cornered, a government can be punched in the stomach a few times”, but this cannot be done to a nation. In his opinion, the record participation in the latest national constitution means that an entire nation is seeking to maintain its position, which is that “it does not want to allow in people of different cultures and civilisations”.

Mr. Orbán repeated his words in Parliament on Monday: “we want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe”. This means, he explained, that “we do not want to take part in experiments which seek to transform either Hungary or […] Europe”, which seek to push aside European cultural traditions, and in their place create an amalgam of different cultures, different religions and different world views, and to let in “groups from alien peoples en masse and without screening”. If the Germans, the French or the Italians want to subject themselves to such experiments, they have every right to do so, he said, but “we are asking them not to force us to take part in them”.