The Tragedy Was Impossible to Avoid

Reaction to German journalists

MH – 2017.06.15. 20:39 –

The Hungarian Ministry of Interior reacted in a statement to the speculations of German journalists about the death of migrants in the back of a refrigerated truck near Parndorf in 2015.

„Employees of German provincial television channels jumped to unfounded conclusions when they stated that the death of 71 migrants found in the back of a refrigerated truck near Parndorf, Austria on 27 August 2015 “could have probably been avoided” had the Hungarian authorities translated and evaluated the tapped conversations of the people smugglers who were transporting them in time”, the Ministry of Interior said in statement.

„In contrast to this claim, it must be declared that: the Hungarian authorities did not have any information in their possession based on which the tragedy could have been prevented or anticipated before it occurred”, they added.

„Based on information received from the Austrian partner organisations, the Hungarian authorities identified the people suspected of committing the crime and their place of residence within 12 hours of the tragedy being discovered, and immediately apprehended them. Without the competence and professional investigations of Hungarian police, it would have been impossible to arrest and charge the members of the criminal organisation”, they concluded.