Danger of Business Migration

Hungary's appeals against the decision of the ECHR

MH – 2017.06.15. 09:03 –

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights can induce business migration according to the government.

Hungary appealed against the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in connection with two Bangladeshi asylum-seekers. According to the Hungarian government the European court's interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights may induce „business migration”, State Secretary of the Justice Ministry, Pál Völner said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The court awarded 10.000 euros in damages to each of the two Bangladeshis, and 3 million forints in legal costs to the Helsinki Committee which represented them. According to Mr. Völner the court's decision could create a migration vacuum in Europe, and all the economic migrants from all over the world could set out for Europe.