NGO Transparency Law Passed

Remarks of the Venice Commission were applied

MH – 2017.06.14. 08:36 –

The Hungarian parliament passed the law on the transparency of organisations funded from abroad on Tuesday.

Based on the new law on NGO transparency passed on Tuesday, "associations and foundations coming under the effect of the law are required to report to the court within 15 days if they become organisations funded from abroad as soon as the amount of grants received by them in any subject-year exceeds double the limit determined in the anti-money laundering legislation, that is, a sum of HUF 7.2 million. This sum, however, does not include any grants which they receive via fiscal agencies as funds originating from the European Union", reported.

Following on the remarks of the Venice Commission, the legislation further lays down: the donor’s personal details need not be published if the grants provided by him or her do not reach HUF 500 thousand in a given year.