Orban Blames European Irresponsibility

Even the largest groups can be stopped by the second fence

MH – 2017.03.17. 17:27 –

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke about the country's efforts to stop illegal migration.

”The second security fence now being built on the Hungarian border will, if necessary, block the path of even the largest numbers of migrants”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” programme. “In Austria and Germany people can sleep soundly, because here the Hungarians will be protecting Europe’s external borders”, he added.

Regarding the prospects of the EU-Turkey deal he said he is not claiming that in this dispute the Turks are blameless, but the approach of the Europeans – who after all expect Turkey to ensure their security – strike the wrong note. Mr. Orban reminded that he had already pointed out before that security fences must be built at full speed, because if the Turkey-EU agreement “evaporates”, Europe will find itself back where it was before.

Commenting on criticism by NGO's he said that he expects “George Soros and his associates to launch full-scale attacks on us”.