Hungarian Companies Heading to CeBIT

21 Hungarian companies will attend the event

MH – 2017.03.16. 19:20 –

The Hungarian government take priority attention to this year’s CeBIT digital exhibition, announced Thursday Government Spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs.

Hungary would like to become a partner country of the digital exhibition and fair CeBIT in the near future, so it takes particular attention to the event and to any further similar exhibitions in the future., Mr Kovacs said.

According to Tamas Deutsch, Commissioner for the Digital Welfare Program, the Hungarian presence at CeBIT will be more coordinated than ever before. More than 200 thousand professional visitors are expected to attend the event, and more than 3,000 businesses from all over the world will showcase their innovations and services at the fair, including more than 500 start-up enterprises. CeBIT will be attended by 21 Hungarian companies.