Socialist Corruption Scandal in Szeged

Szeviép was used for money laundering, Hollik says

MH – 2017.03.11. 21:00 –

Christian democratic MP accuses the socialists of money laundering through a construction company.

"The people expect answers from Laszlo Botka, socialist mayor of Szeged about where 11 billion HUF disappeared from the construction company Szeviép and how much of this money ended up in the socialist party MSZP," KDNP MP Istvan Hollik told a press conference on Saturday. Laszlo Botka and the MSZP leadership probably know where is the 11 billion HUF Szeviép owed to its subcontractors. According to Mr. Hollik the socialists used Szeviép for money laundering, the socialist mayor filled the company with EU funds and orders. The leaders of the company, who stood next to Mr. Botka at the foundation ceremony of the building where Mr. Hollik held his press conference, "are today suspects in this corruption case", he added.