"The Opposition Doesn't Support Families"

MP Hollik says socialists wants austerity measures

MH – 2017.01.11. 22:12 –

According to governing Fidesz-KNDP the parties of the opposition have proved several times that Hungarian families can't rely on them and if it depended on them, they wouldn't make a step forward this year either.

Christian democratic MP István Hollik told a press conference on Wednesday that opposition parties – from the socialist MSZP to Ferenc Gyurcsány's liberal DK and the nationalist Jobbik – didn't support the extension of tax reductions for families with two children, when voting for the tax laws of 2017. He recalled that the socialist governments abolished the tax reductions for families with two children and reduced it for families with more children. Mr Hollik added that the leftist parties have been attacking the pro-family tax system from the beginning and they would support more austerity.