Migration Situation to Increase in 2017

The EU hasn't done enough to stop migration, says Bakondi

MH – 2017.01.04. 19:28 –

The Hungarian PM's adviser urges external border control and hotspots outside the EU's territory amid fears of increased migration.

Illegal mass migration remains an important question this year and it can even get more serious in 2017, according to György Bakondi, the Chief Home Affairs Adviser of the Hungarian Prime Minister. Mr Bakondi told a press conference on Wednesday that security situation in Europe is still dangerous and the threat can increase due to the fight against the Islamic State. In this situation the Hungarian standpoint is clear: we have to protect the external borders and establish hotspots outside the EU's territory, he explained. Mr Bakondi also described those decisions of the EU which were not enough to stop migration and ensure security.