„Migration pressure on Hungary could begin increasing again”

Orbán Balázs: the Hungarian fence should be more sustainable

MH – 2017.01.04. 19:27 –

Since the European Union's expansion in 2004, it appears that the migratory movement is continuously wavering - the Director General of the Migration Research Institute has told yesterday to Magyar Hírlap.

The trend, however, is clear: the irregular migratory pressure on the EU is stabilized at a high level, Orban Balázs said. He added, this trend is not expected to change even more in terms of numbers can be expected further strengthening.

 In regard to Hungarian border he told that the fence should be more sustainable. The most important principle is that the effectivity of the border protection system which has been installed so far, can be as effective as the current, while the „requirement of manpower” can be lower than at present, he added.