The Quota is Still on the Agenda

Hungary is showing solidarity, PM Orbán says

MH – 2016.10.21. 20:17 –

PM Orbán discussed the quota system, Hungary's solidarity and Ukraine's visa-free travel after the EU summit.

As the president of the European Commission insists on the mandatory refugee relocation scheme, the issue remains on the agenda and creates a stalemate, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán explained after the European Council summit in Brussels. Mr Orbán added that at least the approval of the quota by the Council was prevented, there will be no unity between the member states on this matter ever. The PM said he wanted to have the relocation taken of the EU's agenda in general because there will never be a consensus. He added that Slovakia was given the assignment of tabling a proposal for a resolution. Mr Orbán also emphasised that the Commission deceived the member states with the quota system, and this does much harm in the longer term as they are the very body that should be the guardian of the treaties.

 The Prime Minister rejected the criticism that Hungary is not showing solidarity when rejecting refugees. He stressed that accepting refugees is not the only way of solidarity, Hungary's is protecting the external border of the European Union. Mr Orbán said that no decision was made on the Hungarian proposal to set up refugee camps outside the EU.

 He also said that Ukraine meets every condition of visa-free travel to Europe so the EU should finally make the decision instead of postponing the issue.