Belarus Rejects Double Standards

Hungary's migration policy is a good example, says FM Vladimir Makei

Máté T. Gyula – 2016.03.29. 19:22 –

Our aim is co-operation, Hungary is an important friend and partner fos us, we understand each other, foreign minister of Belarus, Vladimir Makei told Magyar Hírlap. The diplomat also spoke about the mutual economic possibilities, migration, European identity and criticism against Belarus in Western press.

”Even during a period of sanctions, Belarus ensured the protection of European borders, fought against illegal migration and human trafficking”, foreign minister of Belarus, Vladimir Makei emphasised to Magyar Hírlap, adding that Minsk is not ”neglecting human rights”, and human rights can only be ensured in a stable, prospering society. According to Mr Makei Hungary promotes a very pragmatic position in many problems that are worrying the European Union today. He pointed out that contrary to Western criticism, it can't be measured that how democratic a certain country is. ”Human rights are not only about the freedom of speech of certain demonstrators, but about the right to work, education and accommodation”, he stated. Regarding Hungary's position on migration, Mr Makei pointed out that even though Belarus doesn't want to intervene in EU-politics, it's still important to admit that while some European politicians are promoting immigration, the people are against it.