Hungary Sticks to its Values

Gender equality and LGBTI rights should be separated, says the Ministry

Őry Mariann – 2016.03.07. 19:56 –

 The European Commission's conclusion about LGBTI rights raised serious concerns about the sovereignty of the member states, so Hungary didn't support the plan.

 Hungary urged the European Union to accept a conclusion which determines further tasks for supporting women, the Ministry of Human Capacities announced. At the meeting of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council on Monday Hungary suggested a statement that would determine further tasks for the European Commission and the member states. According to the Hungarian stance a lot more has to be done for women in the EU and it's a pity that no such decision was made in Brussels.

The conclusion on gender equality was connected to a document about the rights and possibilities of LGBTI people, the Ministry reminded. Hungary urged these two conclusions to be separated, but the Council decided to keep these issues together. The document about LGBTI people – which was prepared only by the Commission – raised serious concerns about the sovereignty of member states, so Hungary couldn't support it in its current form. The Ministry emphasised that the values determined in the Hungarian Constitution are very important for the government. ”Hungary can't and won't support decisions which don't represent these values”, the Ministry stated, adding that it's unacceptable to put pressure on Hungary to revise its basic values.