Hungary to Boost Tourism

The sector needs less bureaucracy, Rogan said

MH – 2016.03.01. 20:24 –

The Hungarian government is to decide at a meeting on March 9 whether to set up a National Tourism Agency, the head of the Prime Ministerʼs Cabinet Office, Antal Rogan announced. 

The state could contribute far more to boosting the tourism sector if its tasks can be carried out through an agent, rather than in the conventional bureaucratic framework, cabinet minister Antal Rogán said on Tuesday when speaking about the planned National Tourism Agency, MTI reported.

Nothing will be nationalized; the government does not want to take anything away from anyone, he said.

Hungary needs to build its brands, he said, noting the lack of brands for Lake Balaton, Budapest and the Tokaj wine-growing region. This cannot be undertaken in a bureaucratic structure, which is why weʼre proposing it be done in the structure of an agency, he added.

Rogan said that tourism generates about 10 percent of Hungaryʼs GDP, which "isn't bad", but is well under the 15 percent share in other Central European countries.