Review of Documents About 1956

Hungary successfully pushed for the release

MH – 2016.03.01. 20:21 –

Many documents about the Hungarian revolution in 1956 will be public, some of them were unknown even for historians. 

A review of the classified UN documents on Hungary's 1956 anti-Soviet revolution is under way, and many of the files will soon be released to the public, Katalin Bogyay, Hungary's permanent representative to the United Nations, said.

Hungary has been pushing for the release of the documents for over a year, she noted, adding that there are many documents whose existence is unknown to this day even to historians. The documents can be divided into various categories. Some are unclassified, but the number of these is so large that they too need to be waded through, like the secret documents, before they can all be released for research purposes. Other types of documents are the ones that are either classified or strictly classified.

The review of the roughly four hundred documents was recently approved by UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, who has requested that Hungary look into the possibility of digitising and eventually releasing the documents added. Some of the documents will be fully accessible by the public, while others will only be available to historians for research, Bogyay said.