Border Crossins with Romania to Double

Levente Magyar praised Bucharest's pragmatism

MH – 2016.02.12. 21:52 –

Agreements on the facilitation of Hungarian-Romanian energy and transport development projects have been successfully concluded with the new Romanian Government, State Secretary for Economic Diplomacy Levente Magyar said on Friday in Bucharest.

State Secretary Levente Magyar attended the session of the Hungarian-Romanian Joint Economic Committee

in Bucharest. As Co-Chair of the Committee, Magyar said that the number of border crossing stations between Hungary and Romania could soon double – there are currently ten border crossing stations between Romania and Hungary at an average distance of 40 kilometre. The parties agreed to prepare a schedule for the opening of the ten new cross-border roads, which currently cannot be used because of the delay in Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area, within three months.

In a statement to Hungarian news agency MTI, Magyar stressed: Romania is the country in which the most Hungarian-owned small and medium-sized enterprises are operating outside of Hungary with over 12 thousand Hungarian companies registered in Romania, in addition to which a host of large Hungarian corporations are also present in the country. The State Secretary has also said that the current Romanian government has a much more open and pragmatic approach to joint projects than its predecessor.