New plan to help families

Prime minister holds state-of-the-union speech

MH – 2019.02.10. 18:37 –

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced a seven-point family protection package in his state-of-the-union speech on Sunday.

According to the new package announced by Viktor Orban, (1) every woman under 40 will be eligible to a preferential loan when they first get married, (2) the family home purchase loan (csok) will be extended, (3) the government will repay 1 million HUF of the mortgage loan of families with two or more children, (4) women with at least four children will be exempt from personal income tax, (5) the government will launch a car purchase subsidy programme, (6) 21.000 creche places over three years and (7) grandparents will also be eligible to a child-care fee.