Szijjarto urges Brexit deal

"Failure to come to an agreement would cause major damage"

MH – 2018.10.19. 19:55 –

"It's obvious that an agreement must be reached on the system of conditions for Brexit, because failure to reach an agreement would cause major damage to the remaining EU," Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told the BBC News.

“From the perspective of security cooperation between the United Kingdom and the European Union, as well as with relation to the current security challenges that the EU is facing, it would be ‘very bad news’ if we failed to come to an agreement,” he said, according to “For this very reason, everything possible must be done in the interests of a successful close to the Brexit negotiations”, he added.

Hungary would like a fair Brexit agreement that is mutually advantageous to both the United Kingdom and the European Union, in addition to which it would also like the deepest and most comprehensive free trade agreement possible to come about between London and the EU”, the minister stated.