State secretary: Tourism is a way of expressing patriotism

Hungary is increasingly visible in the world of tourism

MH – 2018.09.28. 11:26 –

In the government's view, tourism is more than just a sector of industry, it is one of the determining ways of expressing patriotism, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the PM's Office, Csaba Dömötör said at this year's World Tourism Day conference, according to

We have much to lose, because Hungary is a country that has fought for centuries for its freedom, and it doesn’t want to surrender it. It is a country that is standing increasingly firmly on its own two feet economically, that is proud of its thousand-year traditions, and which values is cultural and natural treasures, Dömötör said.

The conference is also proof of the fact that Hungary is increasingly visible in the world of tourism. This process is being facilitates by international festivals, up and coming wine regions, timeless natural treaties, prestigious sporting events and an increasingly distinctive gastronomy, he explained.