"Victory for the V4"

Szijjarto: The receiving centres must be established outside the EU

MH – 2018.07.04. 10:57 –

“The protection of the European Union’s external borders cannot be complete if the so-called hot-spots, the centres for receiving and collecting migrants, are not established outside the EU”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto declared.

According to Kormany.hu, the minister told Hungarian news channel M1 that "the government is receiving the decision made at the EU summit on the rejection of the mandatory resettlement quotas with restraint in view of the fact that the European Council has already made a similar decision previously, but the resolution of the council of EU heads of government was overwritten with a simple majority vote by EU interior ministers".

He called attention to the fact that the decision on rejecting the mandatory quotas made at the end of June was a victory for the Visegrad Group.