Szijjarto discusses migration, border protection in Montenegro

"Alarming reports from the Western Balkans"

MH – 2018.07.03. 11:14 –

The Hungarian Foreign Minister held talks with his Montenegrin counterpart in Podgorica on Monday on the increasing migration pressure, which in contrast to the wave of migration of three years ago is now also being applied to Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia-Hercegovina, reports.

“There are alarming reports arriving from the Western Balkans, where migration pressure is equal to, or in certain instances exceeds the level experienced in 2015, and where new migration routes are being established, and accordingly Hungary is prepared to assist Montenegro so it can defend itself from the waves of illegal immigration”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told MTI.

He stressed that the alarming news is primarily arriving from Turkey and Greece, and in several instances reports from Greece are stating that the situation is worse than it was in 2015.