„Ukraine disrespects minority rights”

Szijjarto sent another letter to Jagland

MH – 2018.05.17. 08:27 –

The foreign minister has once again turned to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe with relation to the plight of Transcarpathian Hungarians, Kormany.hu reports.

Peter Szijjarto informed Thorbjorn Jagland concerning the fact that despite the fact that the Venice Commission’s recommendations with relation to the Education Act were issued six months ago, Ukraine’s Parliament and the Ukrainian Government have still not implemented them. Ukrainian Parliament has still not voted on suspending the Act, which grossly restricts the rights of the Hungarian minority to receive education in its native language, and Ukrainian leaders have still not begun negotiations with minority representatives concerning the Education Act.

Ukraine is also stripping minorities of the rights they have been previously afforded in other fields, in view of the fact that current proposals for the amendment of the Language Act also grossly restrict the rights of national minorities to use their native languages within the fields of official administration and cultural life, Szijjarto added.