Orban meets Colombia's president

Stronger cooperation with the V4

MH – 2018.05.12. 08:43 –

Hungary can learn a great deal from the attempts Columbia is making to turn its economy into one of the world’s most competitive ones, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday in Budapest after he had talks with Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos, Kormany.hu reports.

Columbia has ambitious plans for the future, similar to the Hungarians who have also set ambitious goals for themselves, the PM stressed in his press statement made in the company of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Columbian head of state, highlighting that Columbia “is doing a number of things which we Hungarians can also learn, copy and, after some adjustment, use”.

Orban urged the wider promotion of Columbia among Hungarian investors as well as the strengthening of relations between the Visegrád countries and the Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc formed by four Latin American countries.