Orban accepts invitation to form a new government

PM promises to serve all Hungarians

MH – 2018.05.08. 07:29 –

President of Hungary Janos Ader formally invited Prime Minister Viktor Orban – who was the prime-ministerial candidate of the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance that won Hungary’s latest parliamentary election – to form a new government, Kormany.hu reports.

After receiving the president's invitation to form a government, Orban said he promised Ader that he will serve Hungary with dedication and loyalty. Orban described the new government’s most important task as the preservation of Hungary’s security and its Christian culture, and promised to use every means possible to meet the wishes expressed by Hungarians on 8 April.

He also informed the president about the country’s economic, security and foreign policy situation, and also about the situation related to the formation of his new government. In closing, the PM said, “I shall use the two-thirds parliamentary majority to ensure that we – and I – serve three-thirds of the population: all Hungary’s citizens.”