Orban: Hungary needs a united government

Prime minister warns of Soros interference

MH – 2018.04.05. 17:10 –

Hungary needs a united and competent government to halt immigration, which would irrevocably alter the country's character, Viktor Orban, Hungary's prime minister, said, adding that the only force able to form such a government after Sunday's election would be the incumbent Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, MTI reports.

According to the Hungarian news agency's summary, in an interview published in business weekly Figyelo on Thursday, Orban accused the global media, the European Union and "influential business interest groups" of attempting to help a weak coalition government come to power after the April 8 general election, one that Brussels can fully control.

George "Soros's people" would fill government posts as it happened in other countries, he said, referring to leaked recordings on Soros.