Fazekas urges against cuts to EU farm subsidies

Ministry to introduce GMO-free labelling

MH – 2018.04.04. 20:58 –

The government will fight any attempt to cut EU farm subsidies and it will continue to invest in farming jobs, Sandor Fazekas, the farm minister, said on Wednesday, MTI reports.

The livelihoods of 1 million people in Hungary depend on national and EU farm policies, Fazekas said in an interview to public broadcaster M1. He said the government would fight for the current level of farm subsidies even if resources are reduced due to Brexit. Without farm subsidies, consumers will not get high quality food at affordable prices, he added.

On the same day, Fazekas told a press conference that the ministry will introduce new labelling to mark Hungarian GMO-free produce. By introducing the label, the ministry aims to support the production of GMO-free Hungarian farm produce, the minister said, noting that Hungary was the first country in the world to enshrine GMO-free farming in its constitution, MTI reports.