Dömötör: Hungary's independence at stake

We cannot be blackmailed, stresses state secretary

MH – 2018.04.04. 20:54 –

“This Sunday we will also be deciding whether Hungary will remain an independent country”, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary State Secretary told reporters on Wednesday, the Kormany.hu website reports.

"There are many years of work involved in the fact that Hungary is now standing on its own two feet and is not dependent on others, meaning it cannot be blackmailed. If the country didn’t have a national government, this would change”, Dömötör said.

“Opposing us is the economic speculator and his extensive network, and this network also includes the opposition parties. If George Soros’s people form a government, as has been the case in certain countries in our vicinity, then we would no longer have the deciding say with relation to finances, utility costs, and most importantly also with relation to immigration policy”, he stressed.