Szijjarto stresses border protection at Kuwait conference

ISIS switched tactics, minister warns

MH – 2018.02.13. 14:15 –

Hungarian Minister Peter Szijjarto attends a meeting of foreign ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat the Islamic State.

“Protecting its external borders is a more important interest and task than ever before for Europe”, Peter Szijjarto stressed at the event. “Thanks to the military success of the coalition against ISIS, the terrorist organisation has lost 98 percent of the territories it had previously occupied”, he pointed out, adding that: “This may be good news, but it has also brought with it further challenges”.

“The terrorist organisation has switched tactics, and on the one hand it is attempting to occupy new territories, but it is wants to send its European foreign fighters, who went there to fight on the side of the Islamic State, back home. Some five thousand people have gone there from Europe and three thousand people there who are citizens of the European Union are still there”, the Foreign Minister said, adding that: “The Islamic State wants to send them back to Europe to commit acts of terrorism here”.

“For this reason, in its current state the terrorist organisation represents another security threat to Europe, because another wave of migration ‘would to all intents and purposes fling open the gates of Europe’ before these terrorists that they want to send back home”, he highlighted.