Orban: For us Hungary comes first

"We finally have a future, we have something to protect"

MH – 2018.02.08. 18:47 –

Prime Minister Viktor Orban attended the general meeting of cities with county status in Veszprem, in western Hungary, on Thursday.

A successful Europe does not exist without prospering nation states, Viktor Orban said at a meeting, telling mayors of Hungary's largest 23 cities that their personal efforts were also needed to "enable Hungarian people to protect Hungary".
Orban said diversity is not a virtue but a characteristic, and something that is diverse is not necessarily also more valuable. "We do not want to become diverse and get mixed up ... with others", he said. "We want to stay like we have been for 1,100 years here, in the Carpathian Basin," he added, according to MTI's report. Orban said migration was dangerous and bad, and Hungary does not want to participate in it. "This needs to be clearly said because failing to do so will allow us to be diverted by diplomatic tricks ... and we will also lose our future," he added.