"Hungary will not become an immigrant country"

Szijjarto rejects threats of Belgium's prime minister

MH – 2018.02.07. 10:41 –

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto dismissed Charles Michel's ultimatum to the V4 countries as shocking and unacceptable blackmail.

"Hungary will not become an immigrant country, is has never admitted and will never admit illegal immigrants", Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said at a press conference in Bratislava, reacting to a statement by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel over the weekend according to which “they have given the solidarity-rejecting Visegrad countries an ultimatum” in view of which if a consensus is not achieved in the council of EU member state governments by the end of June, then the planned reforms will be adopted without them with a qualified majority vote.

The foreign minister said Michel's remark was shocking and unacceptable, which he rejected firmly as unconcealed blackmail. “The Belgian Prime Minister’s statement is also outrageous because this is the first time that people in Brussels are openly planning to push the mandatory resettlement quota through by force while totally ignoring the will of certain EU member states”, Kormany.hu quotes Szijjarto.