Orban denounces UN migration package

"The UN’s migration scheme looks like it has been copied from the Soros Plan"

MH – 2018.02.04. 19:26 –

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the text of the United Nations’ draft treaty on migration, which is currently under development, looks like it has been copied from the Soros Plan, Kormany.hu reported.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” programme on Friday morning, Orban said that the UN is valuable, but it must not be allowed to define principles that are contrary to Hungary’s interests. Meanwhile the information currently available suggests that what the UN is currently preparing in relation to migration runs counter to Hungary’s interests.

He explained that the UN is articulating principles that, for instance, would lead to a reduction in the penalties for illegally crossing borders, and the simplification and acceleration of administrative procedures. The latter means that the UN is urging countries to apply fewer checks on foreigners who want to gain entry.