Szijjarto: If we are united, we are strong

Extraordinary times are coming, foreign minister warns

MH – 2018.01.09. 08:09 –

The foreign minister believes that while this year only began a few days ago, one may state already at this point in time that “we are about to face an extraordinary period”, according to the website.

During these extraordinary times “we need the strength and courage that characterise us Hungarians, and most of all unity”, Peter Szijjarto added in an interview given to the Hungarian news agency MTI. Szijjarto stressed that in the referendum more than three million people, while during the National Consultation over two million people said no to illegal immigration and the mandatory resettlement quotas. “This unity, this mass of millions is the pledge of our security. If we are united, we are strong. If we are not, we shall be trampled underfoot”, he stressed.

Decisions may be adopted this year which “may affect not only our lives, but also the lives of our children and grandchildren. What will be at stake this year is whether we can continue on the Hungarian path, whether we can preserve Hungary as a country of Hungarians, and whether we can retain the exclusive right to decide on our own lives”, the minister said.