Orban: Germans wanted the migrants, we didn't

Hungary's prime minister warns of parallel societies

MH – 2018.01.09. 08:06 –

Germany has always welcomed migrants while Hungary didn’t, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the German Bild in an interview published on Monday, according to Hungarian news agency MTI.

Hungary is doing its share by protecting the EU’s Schengen border, Viktor Orban stressed in the interview, MTI reported. Orban said he does not see those striving to enter the European Union as Muslim refugees but as “a Muslim invading force”, economic migrants in search of a better life. They have crossed four safe countries on their way to the EU, “which are not as rich as Germany” but are safe and where they do not have to “run for their lives”, he said.

Politically, the issue of migration is a problem of the European Union. Sociologically, it is a German problem, Orban said. All migrants aim for Germany because they “want a German life”, he insisted.

A large number of Muslim immigrants will lead to parallel societies. Multiculturalism is an illusion, Muslim and Christian societies will never connect, he said.

“We [Hungary] do not want this. And we do not want anyone to force it upon us,” Orban said.