Fidesz calls on govt to withstand EU pressure

Hidveghi: Brussels keeps forcing ill-advised migration policies

MH – 2018.01.05. 19:59 –

The ruling Fidesz party asks the government to to withstand "any European endeavours to make Hungary a destination country for migrants", communications director Balazs Hidveghi told a press conference. 

The European Commission's recent taking Hungary to court over the migrant quota was "proof" that the EU has not abandoned its plans to introduce such quotas, Hidveghi said, adding that its part of the "Soros plan".

"Brussels wants to force the mandatory quota on Hungary, which is nothing else but a component of the Soros Plan," Hidveghi insisted, according to MTI. "We are shocked to see that Brussels keeps forcing an ill-advised migration policy rather than enforcing EU laws and protecting common sense and the people," Hidveghi said.