Hungarian economy has been growing dynamically

Varga: Outlook for 2018 even better than in former years

MH – 2018.01.02. 16:52 –

For the Hungarian economy, the year 2018 starts from a better position and with a better outlook than 2017 did, Minister Mihály Varga said at a press conference held at the Ministry for National Economy earlier today, according to website.

The Hungarian economy has been growing dynamically, in a balanced and sustainable manner, he stated. In light of data from the fourth quarter, a GDP growth rate of 4.1 percent appears to have been achieved in 2017. This figure is well above the EU average, and that signals that Hungary’s economic convergence has continued, he added. 

Growth has been broadly based with almost every sector having contributed to expansion. In 2017, investment was a major growth factor, with a volume increase of more than 20 percent.