Analyst: Gyurcsany, Vona work forown positions

Jobbik's image change lacks credibility, says Gallo

MH – 2018.01.02. 16:48 –

The leaders of neither Democratic Coalition nor Jobbik are concerned with winning in the spring, but are instead focused on furthering their own positions within the opposition, political scientist Bela Gallo told M1.

According to Gallo, Jobbik's change of image with a focus on becoming a people's party had been too sudden and lacked credibility. Some of the party's radical "old guard" had even revolted against Gabor Vona's attempt to move Jobbik towards the centre, he pointed out.

The analyist said the situation among the opposition was playing out according to the script of Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany. Gyurcsany is a good "political power player" and wants to prove his own and his party's strength, Gallo said.