Government boosts family benefits

A new scheme to be launched to help Hungarian children born abroad

MH – 2017.12.27. 15:51 –

State secretary Katalin Novak announced a number of new measures to help Hungarian families.

Families will get enhanced government support in 2018, which has been declared a year dedicated to families, the state secretary for family, youth and international affairs said on Wednesday, according to Hungarian news agency MTI.

Couples planning a family or already raising children will received additional support, Katalin Novak told a press conference. Among the forms of support, she cited family-friendly taxation rules, favourable changes in child-care fees for university graduates, added support for mortgage holders, the option of relief on student loan repayments as well as the continuation of the kindergarten development scheme. She added that a new scheme dubbed Umbilical Cord will be launched in 2018, targeted at Hungarians whose children are born abroad.