Szijjarto: European security starts in Africa

"Without self-protection, the terrorists will destroy our European culture"

MH – 2017.11.14. 08:48 –

In order to eliminate the causes of migration, efforts must be made to stabilise Africa politically and economically, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said during a break of the European Union's foreign ministers' meeting on Monday, MTI reported.

"The period since the Paris attacks two years ago has made it clear that if we do not protect ourselves, then the terrorists will destroy our European culture and civilisation", Peter Szijjarto said at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

Commenting on the upcoming EU-Africa summit to be held in late November, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said Hungary supports making African countries the targets of the EU's economic and investment policies. Szijjarto insisted that "tens of millions of people" from Africa -- "desperate masses seeking a better and safer life" -- were "on their way to Europe". The economic and political situation on the continent must be stabilised in order to tackle the root causes of migration, he added. "European security starts in Africa," he said.

"Security risks are constantly growing in immigrant countries ... but we do not want to become a country of immigrants; we want to protect ourselves and we will protect ourselves," he said. Szijjarto said it appeared that European countries were being expected to adjust to migrants arriving in Europe rather than the other way round, calling this "a sad state of affairs".